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"Thanks to Joel Michello at Dive Services Inc.! You always stand with me Joel, my go to guy! Go see a real Dive Shop on Matt Lane in Virginia Beach. Joel can handle ALL the Commercial Diver maintenance training and supplies harnesses, bailouts, cylinder service and much more. Commercial Guys, Joel's shop is a hidden gem!!!

Jim Sheipe "Five Stars ✩✩✩✩✩

“Visited Joel Michello today, who runs Dive Services Inc in Virginia Beach, VA, and was I impressed. He dives + supports RBs too, so he's a good man to know if you're diving VB or coming this way. You can see he runs a very clean operation. IANTD certified (or whatever you call it) and is very professional. He will also pick up your tanks from the dive boat and deliver them filled for your next morning dives (we usually stay on the boat at the dock when we're diving the next day). If I sound excited , a good fill shop around here (these days) is a rare find. Most of us have had to resort to building our own fill stations at home.”

Bill Ripley


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